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 2 of McSuper's Best RU Teams

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PostSubject: 2 of McSuper's Best RU Teams   Thu Jul 05, 2012 3:30 pm

Well, thought I'd share to you guys my best 2 RU teams as of now. I won't really be using them as much now, but just thought I'd show you. If you would like to use one of these teams, please ask, m'mkay.... But yeah, feel free to critisize, comment and what not! Smile

RU Team #1

No English (Rotom-C)
252 Sp Atk ; 252 Spe ; 4 Sp Def ; Timid Nature
Levitate Ability ; Choice Scarf
Volt Switch
Leaf Storm
HP (Fire)

This is one of the main bolts to my team. It's 445 Speed with choice scarf (HP Fire IVs, don't forget about those) is a huge threat in the RU metagame. Outspeeding everything that isn't scarfed is a huge plus. Rotom-C has more speed thatn Magmortar, allowing me to Volt Switch before scarfed Mag's can hit allows me to maintain my offensive balance. Leaf Storm also comes in handy to get off a big hit, and Trick can be funny against stuff like Cofagrigus and Ferroseed. This is usually my lead unless I see another scarfed variant I might not outspeed.

Ricky (Steelix)
252 HP ; 96 Def ; 160 Sp Def ; 0 Spe IVs ; Relaxed Nature
Sturdy Ability ; Leftovers
Stealth Rock
Gyro Ball

This is probably the best defensive wall in the RU tier. It reaches a max defense of 548, which is just jimmy rustling... An amazing physical wall and shuffler. I go with Roar over Dragon Tail because so many pokes, like Uxie now for some reason, run Substitute in their movesets. It gets annoying, and with my luck, that 10% miss chance can strike at any time. It's typing is also amazing too, giving him an immunity to both T-wave and Toxic which is so convenient in the RU metagame. Steelix cleans up all the dirty work that Qwilfish his buddy has laid for him.

CrikeyMate (Feraligatr)
252 Atk ; 252 Spe ; 4 Def ; Jolly Nature
Torrent Ability ; Life Orb
Dragon Dance
Ice Punch

A jolly good sweeper (See what I did thar Razz) that can really wreck through other's teams. Unfortunately, it being like the Terrakion of RU, it'll get bumped up once Sheer Force is released on it. Dragon Dance is a great setup move for this thing, allowing me to set up an all powerful +1 speed and attack on a switch out, and proceed to start wrecking through their team. Unfortunately, this set gets stopped by priority users sometimes like Hitmonchan and Unburden Hitmonlees, scarf users (If I'm only at +1) and Crawdaunt as it resists all 3 of my attacking move. Still a great sweeper none the less.

NinjaBug (Accelgor)
252 Sp Atk ; 252 Spe ; 4 HP ; Timid Nature
Sticky Hold Ability ; Choice Specs
Bug Buzz
Giga Drain
Focus Blast
HP (Rock)

Accelgor's speed is just huge. Outspeeding everything in the metagame that doesn't have a choice scarf is deadly. And with specs, that can be more monstrous. A whopping 448 SP Atk with specs backed up by 426 speed (HP IVs) is a devistating combo. It's STAB Bug Buzz can hit anything for a good hefty chunk, and it's movepool provides decent coverage. This is also one of the bolts to my team, as my other pokes set up, deal some damage, and cripple other pokes, Accelgor and Rotom-C come in and take out the trash. Unfortunately though, Accelgor gets walled the crap out of by most ghost types, especially Dusknoir.

Rapist (Dusknoir)
252 HP ; 252 Sp Def ; 4 Def ; Careful Nature
Pressure Ability ; Leftovers
Pain Split
Shadow Sneak
Seismic Toss

Dusknoir is probably the best Sp wall in the RU tier, stopping Specs Accelgor and various Sp attacking scarfed users in the metagame as well, such as Manetric. What's good about Dusknoir, is that it doesn't have a dent in Def, it gets Will-O too, so it's a mixed wall too. Dusknoir doesn't serve much of a purpose besides for stalling, crippling physical attackers, and getting in the way. It still is great support that this team needs, don't get me wrong.

Mrs. Puffs (Qwilfish)
252 HP ; 252 Def ; 4 Sp Def ; Impish Nature
Intimidate ; Leftovers

What's a little tiny spikey fish with a BST of 430 gonna do? I'll tell you, DESTRUCTION! This little guy (or girl I should say) catches teams off guard so much. Qwilfish teamed up with Steelix is an unstoppable combonation. They cover almost all of each other's weaknesses (Earth power yes is still there, but is not seen often below UU) and make a evil trolling combo. After Qwilfish comes in on a physical attacker, it's all trouble for the opponett. After the opponett switches out, this guy taunts the next poke coming in as it usually is their support pokemon. After taunted, it toxiced, so then as the support poke is toxiced and taunted, they switch out. After that, Qwilfish procceds to set up as many spikes as possible, toxic as many pokes as possible, and really just stall until it dies. Then, it's pal Steelix comes in on a physical attacker again, predicts a switch, and just roars everything as they slowly get eaten away by hazards. An evil shuffling combo this little fish can be a part of, it's great typing makes this guy outstanding too. This strategy is actually a huge threat to the Ubers metagame, which is funny... Razz

RU Team #2

No English (Rotom-C)

I'm not writing this again, just scroll up.

Yawnz (Uxie)
252 HP ; 252 Def ; 4 Sp Def ; Bold Nature
Levitate Ability ; Leftovers
Stealth Rock
Heal Bell

A standard Uxie, nothing too fancy but walls fighting types like Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee. It carries the support this team needs, and can take a lot of hits.

Mutant (Kabutops)
252 Atk ; 252 Spe ; 4 HP ; Jolly Nature
Battle Armor Ability ; Life Orb
Rapid Spin
Stone Edge

Kabutops doesn't do much except spin for Scyther, as this team mainly revolves around it. It can get off some big hits on those pokes with a dent in Defense, so it's not that useless. It carries foresight because of the large amount of ghost types in the RU metagame, you're bound to see one on your opponet's team.

Creeper (Dusknoir)
252 HP ; 252 Sp Def ; 4 Def ; Careful Nature
Pressure Ability ; Leftovers
Pain Split
Shadow Sneak

This isn't the same Dusknoir, this one runs earthquake over Seismic toss to hit stuff like scarfed Manetrics and Magmortars so Scyther won't have to deal with them when he comes out late game.. It also serves a purpose as my special wall of course, and can be a mixed wall too with Will-o.

Grinds my Gears (Klinklang)
252 Atk ; 156 Spe ; 100 HP ; Adamant Nature
Plus Ability ; Leftovers
Shift Gear
Gear Grind

The sweeper on the team, also the only Pokemon out of these 2 teams to carry substitute. The main reason for substitute is because, well, pokes with Dragon Tail. I've noticed many pokes running Dragon Tail and not the regular Roar/Whirlwind. Slowking and Steelix have been popular lately, and most of the time they run Dragon Tail. So it's sad when my stat raises leave me... But yeah, this poke tries to get a mid game sweep going, sometimes gets stopped, or roared out, but this poke can get some deadly sweeps going and it will be game over for the opponett.

Can't Fly? (Scyther)
252 Atk ; 252 Spe ; 4 Def ; Jolly Nature
Technician Ability ; Choice Band
Bug Bite
Aerial Ace
Brick Break

Scyther is a monster none the less, as this poke is what my team revolves around, doing all the dirty work in the end. Technician, STAB, choice banded Aerial Aces and Bug Bites have a base power of 202.5, which is pure phenominal power. Unfortunately, Scyther loses half it's HP when SRs are up, so his scythed buddy Kabutops has to help him. And because Kabutops isn't so bulky, Scyther might have to take some SR damage, which can really decrease it's servivability. This thing is a big threat none the less, it's an amazing physical attacker and it's typing quad resits grass, which is a big help against those Rotom-Cs using Leaf storm.

So yeah guys, hope you like my teams that I'd thought I'd share with you guys. Very Happy You can use these teams, but I'd like you to ask me first. Please comment, critisize and what not! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: 2 of McSuper's Best RU Teams   Fri Jul 06, 2012 3:06 am

I love the nicknames Razz You have great teams and its a sure-fire way to even win the RU tourney! :O Only critisizing I do is.... *survivability. A good mix of support to make the sweepers job easier than using a Dyson! >.<
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PostSubject: Re: 2 of McSuper's Best RU Teams   Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:34 am

really good teams there, RU and NU were my fav. tiers. Awesome nicknames for them. :thumbsup:
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PostSubject: Re: 2 of McSuper's Best RU Teams   Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:06 am

I am good at nicknames! big smile Unfortunately, I brought the wrong poke to a tourney match, and now I'm out of the tourney..... Sad Lesson learned, don't test out teams in a tourney.
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PostSubject: Re: 2 of McSuper's Best RU Teams   Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:07 am

yeh the nicknames cracked me up

you tested teams lolol
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PostSubject: Re: 2 of McSuper's Best RU Teams   

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2 of McSuper's Best RU Teams
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