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Should we have a team tournament?
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 New Moderation System Changes

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PostSubject: New Moderation System Changes   New Moderation System Changes Icon_minitimeWed May 23, 2012 11:42 am

Sup guys, the admins have been discussing many things and we have decided that it's time for a moderation system overhaul. After many meetings and voting, we have finally come up with an effective system that we will be testing out for the next few months.

We have developed a new warning system in an attempt to keep discipline fair. We have created a list of possible offenses an abusive user can do. There will be a set amount that each offense is worth. Offenses that are more severe will be worth more warnings, and lesser offenses will be less etc. We will be using the Warning Bar, so the warning bar system is pretty simple: If a user breaks the rules a moderator will warn them and the bar will go down. If their bar goes down all the way, they will be banned. Rules are each assigned a point value ranging from 1-5 If a user breaks a rule worth 2 points, the moderator who catches them will warn said user 2 times, so on and so forth.

Now over time the warnings will reset and users will start anew. So any warnings they have accumulated and bans earned through the warning bar system will be erased at the end of each month. (This excludes immediate and perma-bans)

1.) Advertising - 3
2.) Spamming -2
3.) Mini modding - 1
4.) Bumping old threads - 1
5.) Posting porn - 3
6.) Disrespect of staff - 2
7.) Asking for mods - 1
8.) Insulting - 2
9.) Discrimination - 2
10.) Illegal stuff (such as, ROMs, warez, illegal drugs, site hacking discussions, etc.) - 3
11.) Creating more than one account - 1
12.) Spam Bot - 5 (This will result in a perma-ban. If you are reading this then it will never happen to you.)

Now the following rules only apply to the forums. We will be creating another list for the chatbox later on. However, this list will be consulted and may be used if discipline is necessary.

Secondly, I will list the staff changes we have decided on.

zero x

New Moderators

New Super Moderators

The new Moderators are being put on Trial. Admins will be closely monitoring their actions to decide if they should keep their positions. For those who have been demodded: Don't lose hope, you can always get back mods if you can earn them back.)

Next I will be explaining the roles of the Moderator and Super Moderators. The normal Moderators only have powers in the chatbox. They will be able to kick, ban, and clear messages, as well as being in charge of guiding logical discussions in the chatbox. Super Moderators can do everything a normal Moderator can do, as well as having powers over the forum sections. They will be enforcing the new Warning Bar System and can lock, delete, move, and post announcements within the forum. They also have the ability to ban abusive users from the forums.

That is all I have to say right now. This system is still being developed and will evolve into an efficient Moderating system eventually. Thank you for sticking with us this whole time, and we hope this new revamp will keep everyone comfortable here at TBS. If you have any questions then feel free to ask me in the chatbox. (PM system is currently disabled. I will try to enable it later on, I feel your pain.)
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New Moderation System Changes
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