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 Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure

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PostSubject: Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure   Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure Icon_minitimeThu Jul 12, 2012 1:40 am

(If you aren't any of these people go to the applicant thread and apply I can't stress that enough though I bet a good chunk of cash someone will ignore all this any ways

Redace100 (Han)
BeastHaxorus (Beast)
Red (Jonny)
Zaiker42 (Zaiker)
I Am Not A Day Dreamer (Andrea))

Welcome to you great Pokemon adventure here are a few things to keep in mind

1: you start out out with 10 pokeballs and 5 potions and 3000 poke dollars
2: this is after Black and White 2 so there are not exactly a lot of the villainous groups running around
3: remember describe alot of what your doing (this one should be kinda obvious)
4: ALL TRIO LEGENDARIES AND LEGENDARIES ARE LIMITED WHEN YOU GET ONE THAT'LL BE THE ONLY ONE IN EXISTENCE I seriously don't want everyone run around with teams with nothing but Arceus(ses?)
5: I've decided to limit the P.C to one box to start out and it expands the more region badges you collect and when your pokemon have entered the Hall in each region
6: You can travel to other regions by boat freely by port towns(you need a bit of money though). The port towns are

Vermillian (Kanto)
Olivine (Jhoto)
Slateport (Hoenn)
Sunnyshore (Sinnoh)
Driftveil (Unova)

Like all Journies to be champion of the region (even that is kinda optional) you have to collect 8 badges then go to the elite 4 then become champion though I decided to let you start in any town in that region.....

The question is how will you start your journey?
How did you get your starter?
What will be your team?
Will you be a hero?
Or just be a Mother F*cking Gary?
the choice is yours.......
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure   Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure Icon_minitimeThu Jul 12, 2012 2:19 am

*walking out of my house around noon when suddenly a suspicious character runs by and bumps into me.He quickly curses me off and I push him to the floor and beat him until he apologizes.He gives me a pokeball and tells me that I need to go catch a pokemon quickly ,then as quick as he came he leaves again.*

*After taking a walk thinking about what had just happned I hear the cry of an Axew so I run to see what is happening.A trainer is throwing plenty of pokeballs trying to catch it and failing each time.after his fifth attempt he ran up and started beating it senseless.I roundhouse kicked him and took the axew and ran to viridian city to get him to the pokecenter.*

*A day later after being treated Nurse Joy lets him go free since he is a wild Pokemon, but he just runs into my built where my pokeball was and makes me his master*

*the same shady man from yesterday is sitting there and pulls out a mysterious device and murmurs that my destiny has begun.(without me hearing it)*
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure   Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure Icon_minitimeThu Jul 12, 2012 2:30 am

I woke up one day in Mauville city doing my daily routine of cycling on the road and just living a quiet life.....however one day it all changed......

After my daily Cycling I found a brief case left in the grass containing coins for the casino I couldn't resist it I took it to the casino in Mauville The clerk saw all the coins and said "we'll give you a one of a kind pokemon for those" I agreed and recieved a poke ball I pressed the switch and no pokemon popped out. The clerk questioned what happened, all of a sudden a blocky pokemon popped from nowhere and rammed into me I threw the poke ball at it and it went in no question....

Seeing this is my first pokemon in forever I decided to start here back to be the best pokemon trainer....and i'll start here in Hoenn my porygon came out and agreed with me with my journey by going out to under the cycling road where wild pokemon are to train I followed starting my adventure......again....with no silent prick beating me over and over and over again...
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure   Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure Icon_minitimeThu Jul 12, 2012 4:15 am

*Running out of my house late for my journey "yeah who's late for their own journey" I make it to the Prof's lab where tells me that all the pokemon have been taken well all the "normal" ones he shows me into a back room where i see a weirdly colored Chimchar i mean its not a shiny chim char it fur is darker then the normal chimchar."im not one to discriminate so i ask the prof if i can have it" he hands it to me and tells me to take good care of it. i say my farwells
and head of to finally start my journey i look out sinnoh about to get a rude awakening Jonny and Inferntaro Are about to make a blazing trail right thorugh Heh
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure   Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure Icon_minitimeThu Jul 12, 2012 5:56 am

I continued training with porygon dominating battles like the old days with porygon learning a new special attack called psybeam then I decided to challenge the gym leader wattson but.... I don't think porygon will do as well as what I hope so I went out to find a pokemon....soon enough I saw a shroomish and I wanted one for it's evolution Breloom so I tried to capture it

1st turn I told porygon to use psybeam to hit it did make contact and shroomish was getting weak and look like it was going to collapse then... I saw something odd the move spore...I couldn't believe my mind this must've hatched from an egg with a parent that knew spore so I decided to catch it with the poke ball I had in my desk from back in the day it was so old comparing to the new ones that can shrink I threw it and he stayed in and I caught him...or her... I then ran to the Pokemon center with it's familiar atmosphere
"Gary! my sisters haven't seen you in ages"
"I was bored of retirement so I decided to go back to pokemon training"
"Great for you, don't worry these two will be up in a matter of minutes go ahead and play with the online pokedex."
I remember this a while ago where Oak made all the pokedex entries and put them all digital also telling about facts and moves it can learn, also it has a pokemon identifier to check what moves a pokemon knows when I got Shroomish back I put him on the PC and it said he knew spore, bullet seed and tackle it also said that this was a special pokemon because it identified that this shroomish is different and that it seemed to have the ability quick feet which was a shock to me that this pokemon must've been released by a pokemon proffesional so I decided to train up shroomish for the gym that I've heard so much about.
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure   Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure Icon_minitimeThu Jul 12, 2012 6:36 am

I walked calmly out of my house in Nuvema Town and stretched, yawning loudly. Another eventful day in sleepy old Nuvema. I decided that I was going to go see the Professor today, since it wasn't like there was anything else to do. As I walked down the street, I took one of the Poke Balls my dad had given me out of my pocket and examined it. Before I knew it I was already in front of the Lab.

"Professor Juniper!" I called as I stepped inside. "You here today?"

One of Juniper's assistants noticed me and answered my question for me. "No, son," he said. "I'm afraid the professor will be out for a while. She has business in Castelia. Might be a few days before she gets back."

I sighed. Great. Well, I could always go take a walk or something. "Thanks anyway...," I said to the assistant as I stepped back out of the lab.

I continued out of town onto Route 1. I knew I was going to have to be careful since I didn't have any Pokemon with me, but it wasn't like this was new to me or anything. I always came out here for walks. Except usually...


That didn't happen. I spun around quickly, and I met the intense red eyes of a Pokemon. It was Herdier-like in appearance, only it was taller and slimmer, and it was all white aside from its blue claws and blue face. A scythe-like protrusion came out of the side of its head.

"Absooll...," it said, still staring at me.

"An... Absol...? Here? But... I thought that Absol were located on the other side of the region. How'd you get over here?" I asked in confusion.

It just continued to stare at me, and its eyes slowly made their way down to my right hand, where I was still holding the Poke Ball. Its glare disappeared and was replaced with a look of curiosity. It began to walk over to me, and when it reached me, it began sniffing my hand and the Poke Ball. It looked at me again. It seemed to have calmed down considerably.

"So... hey...," I began lamely. "You... you want to come with me, Absol?" I asked.

It stared at me for a moment and then nodded. I tapped its head with the Poke Ball and he allowed himself to be captured.

"Cool. I got a Pokemon," I said, almost in disbelief. "I think I'll call you... Nightwatch."
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure   Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure Icon_minitimeThu Jul 12, 2012 7:20 am


it's been one month since I had started my journey i had managed to get my team going and we were headed to the fourth gym i was on my way to face Maylene it had been a long and worthwhile journey i sent out my current team Infertaro, EveTara ,Startara and Empotaro and look at them remembering the events that brought me here to this point.

Infertaro had been a complete nightmare to raise when i was first starting out he wouldn't listen to a single word i said and thought he was on top of everything. that was until he was beaten by a Monferno... That had crushed his spirit tremendously especially since the trainer who used beat use mocked both of us me for having a pathetic pokemon and Infertaro for being a freak among normal and shiny pokemon. I couldn't just stand there and let him insult my pokemon i challenged him one more time after showing Infertaro i was there for him. during our rematch we had our backs against the wall and it looked like we would lose again until Infertaro started to glow and became a Monferno and its fur was a different colour again being more orange than a normal Monferno or shiny Monferno. with its new reservoir of power we managed to pull a victory over the trainers and should him not to mess with us..and form then on Infertaro as been a major power house for my team and numero uno on my current team

Startara had been the second pokemon to join my team and im extremely glad about that
she has been a major asset to the team when it came to double battles being able to Provide the rest of the team with the ability to take their battles to the sky. here first major battle was in eterna city where we faced gardenia Infertaro had been caught of guard by her Ludicolo's Hydro pump. During this battle Startara Evolved into a staravia and learned aerial ace to win us the match and earn us our second badge. Startara is proably the 3rd strongest member of my part currently falling behind Empotaro

Empotaro the Rowdy beast i caught him as a Prinplup just shortly after we left Eterna city
he was causing trouble for some people in Oreburgh city as a piplup no one could seem to get him under control because he was unusually tough for such a little guy Infertaro wanted to battle him and so i let him the battle was in our favour but we struggled a bit and it became even worse when Empotaro evolved durign our battle it took all the power we could muster to take him down. In the end we won because Of Infertaro using learning Thunderpunch and combine its mach punch and thunder punch to get in close and KO Empotaro the authorities wanted to take the Him away but he would go with them he seemed determined to follow us and get stronger so the officer roy said it was alright as long as he Empotaro didnt cause anymore trouble i said it was fine and caught Emptaro and he joined are tea mwith a little rivalry with Infertaro to spark each of them to get stronger

Evetara is the newest addition to the team i haven't had her long but she seems to like Resting on my shoulder and doesnt like it when anyone else does so.. i guess she's very territorial but what newly hatch pokemon would be... She was a unique unique Eevee knowing shadow ball and iron tail form when she first hatched which bring me to the question jsut how strong where her parents? I spent some extra time trainer her since she was the youngest of my team and the weakest coming last on my 4 pokemon team but she proved her worth in Solaceon town where we were attack by a group of psychic pokemon users called the kinetics and she beat them with ease and the swore never to cause trouble again.

Getting out of my flashback i take on last look at my team the seem raring to but we have one more bit of training to go before we challenge maylene and the seem optimistic about it so he had out of the city for some extra training.

Current Team
Infertaro:Blaze Lvl 34 Thunderpunch,machpunch,Flamewheel,Dig
Startara:Intimidate Lvl 31 aerial ace.wingattack,quickattack,return
Empotaro: Defiant Lvl 34 Aquajet,Shadow Claw ice beam Scald
Evetara: Adaptability Lvl 30 Quick attack,Shadowball,irontail,Tackle

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure   Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure Icon_minitimeThu Jul 12, 2012 10:05 am

My first gym in ages....shroomish looked liked he trusted me he looked like he'd seen hard times I smiled at him and told him not to worry he's in good hands.
We saw this place empty.....the aide told us that Wattson decided to play tricks on everyone and put trapdoors that shocked pokemon and also there are hidden trainers.....porygon came out and aided me with his ability to sense wires from my level up and I found Wattson with ease.....He aged ALOT
Yet he felt so happy when he saw me and the battle commenced.

He first sent out his Manectric I sent out porygon...porygon first adjusted his appearance to have a rod seeming that he uses trace to get his lightning rod...
Manectric used quick attack but porygon didn't look damaged and I told it to use Conversion 2 it immediately went and became transparent and is now a ghost type Manectric used Thunderbolt but Porygon absorbed and retaliated with psybeam Manectric didn't take it well.
Wattson laughed and switched out to his rotom...that looked like a washer I swotched to Shroomish while he used Hydro Pump Shroomish looked okay and retaliated with bullet seed Rotom still was moving from a leg to another.
Wattson laughed and told rotom to use volt switched "I learned that from this one mistress in Unova WAHAHAHA" he then went to his luxray who scared Shroomish a little.
Shroomish still a little scared bullet seeded the luxray directly in his mouth before he was going for thunder fang.
Shroomish used headbutt in his stomach puking out the seeds and fainting the Luxray then Shroomish glowed I saw him get bigger he showed a tail and hands he evolved to breeloom and learned mach punch.
"WAHAHAHA you are a trickster gary" he sends out Magnezone and before attacking breloom mach punched Magnezone in the center eye for a weak move it was strong...VERY strong Magnezone weakly used Hidden power Many huge obs flew at Breloom that felt like extreame fire Breloom smiled and mach punched the magnezone. I switched to porygon for his manectric he had no way to kill porygon despite crunching porygon and a psybeam made him fall. Wattson showed the rotom and I showed breloom.
Rotom reaveled the rotom and used Hidden power Breloom almost fell but kept his ground he wanted to faint but He refused and used spore The rotom stopped hopping and fell asleep He finished him with a flurry of bullet seeds breaking the glass cover in his machine body he fell from levitating and fainted...while sleeping.
Wattson smiled then laugh
"WAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHHHAHAHAHHAHHAHHHAHAHHAHA *cough cough cough* it's been ages since I had that powerful of a battle that breloom I will give you this"
He gave me my first badge in awhile......the Dynamo Badge he gave me a TM this one was different from the old ones this one lasted forever, it contained thunderbolt and a big hug.."I'm glad I've lived long enough for a battle that fun hope I live for more...good..luck" I left going onto another gym the gym I went to I went to my house grabbed my map and went north.

Porygon Level 24 Trace Thunderbolt,Psybeam,Recover,Conversion2

Breloom Level 23 Technician Spore,Mach Punch,Bullet seed,Headbutt
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure   Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure Icon_minitimeThu Jul 12, 2012 10:07 am

"Hey wake up!" I hear my dad saying.
"Five more minutes please..." I grumble burying my head deeper into the pillow.
"Fine then, get a crappy Pokemon."
I shot up from my bed. That's right, today I'm suppose to get my first Pokemon. "What time is it?" I looked at my clock and it read 12:01 PM. "Shit! Dad, leave now!" I pushed him out of my room and quickly changed into my regular clothes, I raced down the stairs, said a quick goodbye to my father and ran out of my Apartment door leaving Jubilife City. I reached Sandgem Town in under five minutes and raced into Professor Rowan's lab.
"Are there any Pokemon left?" I ask.
"Just one more." The Professor says.
I see a table with one Pokemon ball left. My Pokemon. I walk towards the table and pick up the Pokemon ball. "Come on out.." I say and throw the ball down. Out pops a Chimchar I crouch down so I could be at eye level. "Hi little guy, how would you like to come on a journey with me."
"Char!" The Pokemon says jumping up and down.
"I'm going to call you Flame." I then turn to the Professor. "Thank you very much Professor Rowan." I then leave the lab with Flame by my side starting our adventure.
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure   Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure Icon_minitimeThu Jul 12, 2012 10:46 am

A few days later, I was officially ready to begin my journey. I had gathered all of my equipment that I thought I needed and I headed out. Nightwatch, I had learned, greatly disliked his Poke Ball and tended to walk beside me most of the time. My mom and dad had both been freaked out at first, but they warmed up to him rather quickly.

We had already made our way through Accumula Town and the first two Routes, and we were coming towards our first Gym city: Striaton.

We had battled several trainers and their Pokemon, so Nightwatch was definitely getting stronger. I could tell, he could tell... it was pretty cool to know that I was helping to raise him to be a powerhouse. Suddenly, as we walked along, I heard a rustling from some bushes nearby.

"Keep your eyes peeled, Nightwatch," I warned. "Something's nearby."

He nodded and looked around. Suddenly, it attacked. It came out in a flash and almost slammed headlong into Nightwatch. It was a bird. A Tranquill to be exact.

"Traa~nQUILL!" It shouted, dashing at us again. it was time to battle, apparently.

"I don't know why you're attacking us, but don't think we're not gonna fight back! Nightwatch, Razor Wind!" I called.

Nightwatch nodded and swung his head around, firing a white blade-like light at the bird, who was caught mid-flight and slammed into the ground. It quickly recovered and cawed angrily at us, but I could tell we had hit it hard.

"Tranquiiill!" it all but roared as it shot its own blades of wind at us. Air Cutter.

"Abssoooll!" Nightwatch roared back as it shot several Razor Winds to counter Tranquill's.

Eventually, one of Tranquill's gusts struck Nightwatch and he was sent back a few feet, skidding to a halt in front of me. on the other side of the battlefield, Tranquill was struck by a slash of Razor Wind. It struggled to stand, but it was obviously tough. I would have expected nothing less than that from an evolved Pokemon. Nightwatch seemed a little more exhausted, unfortunately. There was probably some kind of level difference as well.

"Nightwatch, use Leer!" I called to my Absol.

Nightwatch gave Tranquill that all-too familiar stare and the bird Pokemon flinched from the intensity.

Perfect opportunity spotted.

I chucked the Poke Ball that I had pulled from my belt and it struck the Tranquill on the head. The Poke Ball shook one, twice, three times, and then clicked as Tranquill's ownership shifted from the wild to me.

I picked up the now-stilled ball and placed it on my belt. I looked on and noticed that the city was looming ever closer. Good thing, too, considering Nightwatch was injured and my new Tranquill was pretty badly beaten as well. Which reminded me that he needed a name.

I grinned and looked at his Poke Ball. "I'll call you... Hawkeye."


Current Team:

Nightwatch (Absol)
Lv. 20
-Quick Attack
-Razor Wind

Hawkeye (Tranquill)
Lv. 21
-Quick Attack
-Air Cutter
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure   Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure Icon_minitimeThu Jul 12, 2012 12:28 pm

As the day went on I got to learn more about my new Axew he was smart cunning and very confident. As we were walking to the pokemart a flyer blew into Axew's face and he fell off my shoulder.He looked at it at the same time as me and we both knew what we were going to do.
We trained in the viridian forrest battling little dweebs that named there weedles penis and then ran into a pikachu.It attacked with fury shooting sparks from its teeth ,but Axew dodged them all with precise accuracy and launched a scratch sending it flying into a tree.As it got back up it spread it's arms out and accepted me to be it's trainer I smirked and took on my second teamate Bolt
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure   Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure Icon_minitimeFri Jul 13, 2012 4:00 am

Throughout the journey up north I met so many modern trainers who seemed to know little about me it's kinda depressing but I still head up but along the way I met a new pokemon.
It had an eerie skull for a face and was in a little cloak I red that this was a duskull a very defensive pokemon very good for my team I thought so I caught it it was very calm pokemon when I got him to the nearest pokemon center in Lavaridge town and for a ghost he looked like a solid pokemon surprisingly enough but he just float off from my hands, so I decided to add him on my team.... strangely enough he dropped a cloth like item.
The gym up here was actually not as bad as I thought and she was a very nice girl and gave me the Heat Badge with no problem though her battle was pretty intense looking back...especially when she almost destroyed my team with her houndoom but luckily Breeloom's mach punch saved the day and the rest was easier from then on in.......The wind down from meteor falls to Rustboro was pretty tedius but rumor from trainers say that there is a machine there that could evolve pokemon that required trading to evolve. I felt happy to see porygon get up graded a bit more considering it's starting to not perform well like Duskull or Breloom so I went to the center in Rustboro to check out the machine.
It was pretty expensive for porygon to evolve because I had to buy an Up-Grade but after that porygon became much smoother in look and in battle so I felt that was money well spent though I decided to nickname Porygon 2 to Capcom DLC because....well...he's gonna suck money out of me like a capcom game.

Capcom DLC lvl 30 Trace Signal Beam,Thunderbolt,Recover,Psybeam
Breloom lvl 31 Technician Mach Punch, Bullet Seed, Headbutt, Spore
Duskull lvl 29 Confuse Ray, Shadow Sneak, Astonish, Pursuit
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure   Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure Icon_minitimeFri Jul 13, 2012 4:44 am

(I'm doing my Pokemon team off the first Pokemon I ever caught which I was eight when I first played Pearl)

It had been exactly one week since I first got Flame and he was now level 15 along with my two other Pokemon Starly who I nicknamed Flyor and Shinx who I nicknamed Max. I decided we were ready to take on the Oreburgh City gym. As I walked through the cave leading to the city I battled three trainers, it was a very easy fight. The two trainers I battled inside the gym gave me very little trouble. It was now time to face the gym leader and I was nerves as hell. The gym leader introduced himself as Roark and the battle started. I defeated his Geodude and Onyx with no problem. Now it was only Cranidos and I was defiantly having a problem. "Flyor use quick attack!" I called out to her, she obeyed and used the move.
"Cranidos use rockslide"
I told Flyor to dodge it but she couldn't and she went down. All I was left with Max and I knew the chances of me winning were very slim. "Let's show him what we got Max!" I told him releasing him from his Poke ball. He let out his cry. "Max use quick attack!" He used the move and shockingly it was a Critical hit. "Alright Max!" I knew we now had a chance of winning. Roark commanded his Pokemon but his attack missed. "Alright Max, use pound!" Max attacked Cranidos and he went down! A smile ran through my face, I picked up Max and hugged him to my chest! "We did it!"
"It would be my honer to give you this badge...."
"Andrea." I realized I never gave him my name.
He gave me my badge and the move rock slide and I then left to the Pokemon center.
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure   Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure Icon_minitimeFri Jul 13, 2012 8:48 am

As I came out of the tunnel I arrived in Pewter city. It was about the same size of Viridian but one thing stood out.A huge gym that was the home of the rock gym leader Brock.I entered and a sandshrew attacked me but Beasty took it down easily with a quick dragon rage.Brock smiled and pushed a button.An arena of great size appeared out of the ground with spikes and boulders sprayed out across the field.He sent out a geodude and Beasty jumped off my shoulder.He ordered a rollout and his geodude obeyed it was fast and sent Beasty in the air.I shouted for Beasty to unleash a dragon rage after he reversed himself in the air and out came a blast thats radius was to big for geodude to avoid. As the dust cleared the geodude rolled out slowly and Brock shouted out a self destruct.Beasty sent out a precise dragon rage almost obliterating geodude.The ref called the faint and Brock sent out his final pokemon onix Beasty sent out another dragon rage and it was a critical hit knocking onix to the ground he used a Dual Chop and onix fainted.Brock was amazed at our power and said he was proud to give us his badge and for beating him the tm dragon claw which I immediately taught to Beasty.
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure   Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure Icon_minitimeFri Jul 13, 2012 8:51 am

after my battle with with Maylene earning my 4th badge i decided to have my pokemon take a well need break and head back to hearthome for the cities annual city tournament i figured i would just have some friendly match with my tea mand all. I book a hotel room for the event
and start making my way to my room when i bump into about my age. Ow..

Current team
Infertaro:Blaze Lvl 35 Thunderpunch,machpunch,Flamewheel,Dig
Startara:Intimidate Lvl 33 aerial ace.wingattack,quickattack,return
Empotaro: Defiant Lvl 35 Aquajet,Shadow Claw ice beam Scald
Evetara: Adaptability Lvl 32 Quick attack,Shadowball,irontail,Tackle
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure   Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure Icon_minitimeFri Jul 13, 2012 9:11 am

(I'm not doing it on my first Pokemon team anymore since I really don't remember.)
It has been two months since I started my journey. Since then my Pokemon have evolved Flame evolved into a Monferno level 32. Flyor evolved to Staravia level 30 and Max is now a Luxray level 31. After I defeated the third gym I found a mysterious egg in the grass it was mostly red except for a white triangular spot in the middle. I went into the fourth gym and beat it with no problem. I decided to stay at a hotel at Hearthome City to train a little as I walk to my room I bumped into some kid. "Oops, sorry."
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure   Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure Icon_minitime

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Pokemon Roleplaying Adventure
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