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PostSubject: RP    RP  Icon_minitimeTue May 29, 2012 10:47 am

There’s always those stories of a greater design; technology and power
the normal humans can’t even begin to fathom. Robots exist, people can
fly, the monsters under your bed are real. What if one man - who yearns
for nothing but power learns to combine these deadly sins? Through
technology and the supernatural, he has succeeded in throwing over the
American government and the human world has been tossed into the
technological and supernatural worlds through chaos.

In the year 2012, the world delves deep into chaos, after a biological
hazard had destroyed Russia and almost spread to most of the world,
everyone took safety precautions, England closed off it’s borders and
allowed no one to enter or leave, they contained themselves, ultimately
leading to famine and widespread panic. You see Russia was trying to
gain some power back by creating the next biological weapon to scare the
world’s biggest powers and it worked. The United States of America were
shaking in it’s upper class boots, England was running away and
everyone else kept to themselves. The bio hazard was contained and
Russia was smart enough to make a serum in case something did happen,
which it most certainly did and it was created in mass amounts and much
like polio, it was dispersed, even though every child and their child in
Russia now needed a vaccine for a very deadly disease. (Most call it
the walking dead.) But, when there’s a near apocalypse, will anything
ever be the same?

NO. Especially when all people ever
yearn for is power, five years later in the year 2017 and a crazed mind
sees an opportunity to finally carry out his plan. His plan? To destroy
the American government and create a new one. “A new world,” something
he feels would never be corrupt. Although, he’s leaving out the fact
he’s corrupt himself. Aiden Kane for several years after his first
failed plan and attempt at the rise of a communistic overrule of America
had failed miserably and he was hiding out in Russia. After witnessing
first hand the destruction Russia had seen and merely escaping it, he
didn’t see an opportunity to rebuild, he had seen an opportunity for
blackmail. He had injected himself with a less trivial version of the
serum that had wreaked havoc and permanently destroyed Russia. (Russia
no longer exists at this point, it’s a barren wasteland, filled with
bodies, walking and immobile.) He had become a complete monster and with
the deadly serum in his hand, he threatened to use it on America and
even with the opposite serum, who knows what havoc could be reached.

And, for some reason after entering America a complete citizen again,
no one really knew his name… until he started appearing on the
television as a man of law and order, he was a slowly rising government
power, looking slick in suits and ties and a smile that hid every single
one of his lies. Everyone he encountered had become one of his junkies,
after he mentioned he is the master of the Russian virus and has it in
his veins and has access to the serum. The government discreetly started
backing down. But, not everyone in the government is pussies or will
back down. There are heroes out there and one of them contacted a good
friend - Steven McCabe who is consequently the agent of Kristen Durus
and even though her rage was building everytime she turned on the TV to
watch Aiden Kane, that was the last straw. Aiden ended up in New York
for a meeting a week later and Kristen marched there.

(In this roleplay group I allow the members to choose the ending. There
are three possible endings which will be relayed next. You don’t even
have to roleplay in an ending, you could roleplay up to you. The plot is
just to get the feel of the group, you choose how it plays out.)

Alternate ending, version 1 -
Team Thoth wins. Aiden Kane would have to make an incredibly stupid
move, most likely a trap to get Kristen to face him once and for all,
but this would be extremely unlikely, he knows the woman has an extreme
rage for him and a one on one combat would be dangerous, they’d be
almost evenly matched. Everything would just go back to the way it was
before Aiden appeared.
Alternate ending, version 2 - Team
Pandora wins. Aiden Kane would declare himself a dictator and his
location for a compound, like city would be in New York. He’d build
secure, heavily armed concrete walls around the city to keep his
‘people’ from leaving. In reality, they are nothing more then prisoners.
Aiden Kane would ultimately destroy society as we know it. Most who did
escape would live in the outside of the city as farmers or hunters and
gatherers, the outside of the city would be desolate and barren, only a
few in tact societies left.
Alternate ending, version 3 -
Nobody wins. The virus Aiden is using as blackmail would be unleashed,
completely destroying the world and all of society, a.k.a the zombie

I am Aiden
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PostSubject: Re: RP    RP  Icon_minitimeTue May 29, 2012 10:53 am

Vampires: Think Buffy The Vampire Slayer. They can look
normal, but they're far from it. They believe they're far more superior
then humans, in most cases they are but they keep to themselves. There's
a head council in each country that maintains the fact that they must
keep their race a secret. Each death of a human is an accident of some
sort. There are some that like to cause trouble, but if the Council of
the Vampyres ever got wind of it, they'd be permanently killed. The
vampires working with Kristen and Aiden make sure to keep their
companionship almost invisible. If you roleplay the zombie apocalypse
scenario, these vampires are not immune. Remember, the virus hit the
brain, even if the tissue cells are already dead. If you roleplay the
scenario where Pandora wins, Aiden promises to take down the council and
in return gains the support of many vampires.

Mutant/advanced humans: Think X-Men or Heroes.
All try to keep their powers secrets for fear of disgrace or brutality.
There's also a company out there that tries to capture all mutants for
experimentation, this company is very brutal and powerful and will stop
at nothing to gain the mutant that exposed themselves.

There's always that ongoing war of Heaven vs. Hell, Pandora vs. Thoth
is almost the Earth version of it. Neither Hell nor Heaven wants the
other to gain a foothold. They pose as humans and no one would find out
otherwise, their powers are too great. Unless a demon makes a pact with a
human. It's a possession, but the human allows the demon into their
body, making them a powerful individual: Aiden Kane.

These are the mythological werewolves, the inhuman ones. They stand on
two feet and have no will to shift. They are not shapeshifters, they are
the actual werewolves. They are very rare, though. Most don't like the
fact they have to follow Mother Moon, so they chain themselves 3 days of
the month and fight the pow

Normal rules also apply no god modding etc
and this is an advanced rp site.
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