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Should we have a team tournament?
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 Tournament Rules and Guidelines [MUST READ]

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PostSubject: Tournament Rules and Guidelines [MUST READ]   Tournament Rules and Guidelines [MUST READ] Icon_minitimeTue Jun 12, 2012 7:36 am


1A.) Introduction

2A.) Forum Tournament Section

2AA.) How to Sign up for Forum Tournaments
2BA.) Playing Forum Tournaments
2CA.) How to host Forum Tournaments
2CB.) Tournament Director List
2CC.) The OP
2CD.) Pairings, Deadlines, and Activity

3A.) Chat Box Tournament Section

3BA.) How to Sign up for Chat Box Tournaments/How to play
3CA.) How to Host Chat Box Tournaments

4A.) Basic Tournament Rules

Welcome to the tournament forum of The Battle Society! This is the place to test your true battling and team building skills in various types of tournaments hosted. Before you plan on joining or hosting tournaments, it is vital that you read and comply with the basic rules. Also, be sure you scroll to the bottom of this post to view the full standard rules and clauses most tournaments will be following.

IMPORTANT: There will be two types of tournaments, chatbox and forum. Forum tournaments, as the name suggests, occurs using posts and threads on the forum. This format is the slower type and is used for larger and more important tournaments. Chatbox tournaments are hosted in the chatbox and is the quickest type of tournament available. Chatbox tournaments can occur any time without warning, and usually require participants and the host to be completely active for at least 1-2 hours depending on the tournament size. I will explain more in depth each tournament.

ALSO IMPORTANT: Please note that all tournaments will be held on the Pokemon Online Battle Simulator. If you don't have it, be sure to do a google search and download it.

Forum Tournament Section

How to Sign Up for Forum Tournaments

If you see a tournament you are interested in, go to the thread and simply post 'in'. Make sure you are able to stick around until the end of the tournament. We can not stress this enough, if you don't think you will be constantly online at least every other day for at least a few months, DO NOT join. We don't want a few people slowing the whole process down because they ignored what this post said. You will be subbed out or be given an activity loss if you fail to be active.

Make sure to join asap to ensure your spot in the tournament; it is at a first come, first serve basis.
If you didn't join in time, you may be placed as a substitute in case a player decides to drop out during round 1. When round 1 starts and you didn't make it in, simply PM the host requesting that you wish to be a sub. For obvious reasons, substitutes are only allowed during the first round.

Playing Forum Tournaments

It is recommended that as soon as you see the first round match ups posted that you contact your opponent ASAP. If the tournament requires team building, make sure to do that soon as well. When contacting, you should schedule a time with your opponent that works out for both of you. The best way to get a hold of your opponent is the PM or VM system. Alternately, if you see them on the chat box, that is the fastest way.

Here are some guidelines in scheduling times with your opponent:

  • When messaging your opponent, try to give a variety of times you are available and then state your timezone. This will give your opponent options to choose from.

  • If you have been contacted by your opponent, reply with a certain time your opponent has suggested and your timezone.

  • Give your opponent at least 24 hours notice. In addition to this, be reasonable and don't rush your opponent to get on in 10 minute time frames. Remember that you both have lives (Well, I could be wrong) and most normal people don't sit around all day and every day ready to battle.

  • Try to schedule a specific time, then give at most 30-45 minutes leeway. Don't tell them "around the after noon your time", because that is just asking for you to sit around for the whole after noon waiting. Say something like "around 2:30 or 3 P.M. my time seems to work best for both of us."

  • If you require more time for whatever reason (don't you dare try to stall your opponent), then it is okay to ask. Just make sure you aren't constantly asking for extra time.

Post on the thread that you have messaged your opponent or replied to them, in addition to that, it is highly suggested that you post activity posts every so often to show the host that you are active. If your opponent is inactive, be sure to state that to the host so you will increase your chances of getting the activity win. If both players are inactive, a coin toss will be conducted by the host.

How to Host Forum Tournaments

Although the thought of hosting tournaments may sound difficult or too much work to many people, it is a very good experience. Once you host your first tournament, you will be coming back for more, I assure you!

Just like playing tournaments, daily activity is vital. If you don't expect yourself being able to log in at least every other day (every day is preferred!), then don't host tournaments. You may want to stick around for a bit and watch how the whole process goes, maybe join a few tournaments yourself before hosting your own. Like I have said, most tournaments last for at least a few months. So if you don't think you will be able to see the tournament through the end, don't even bother. If you abandon your host position, you will be banned from hosting tournaments again.

Before hosting a tournament, you will need a tournament idea. Do you want the tournament to follow the standard rule set? Or will you add in different twists and such making things more interesting? Once you have thought of an idea, you should PM it to the following people:

Tournament Directors

  • Max21
  • Snk
  • StratoArctica9000
  • McSuper

The application should include the fine details of the tournament, including special rules and other information we would need to know.

They will then either approve or disapprove your idea. If it is denied, you will be notified. Don't let that stop you from attempting later on in the future though. If it is approved, create a sign up thread in the tournaments forum. Sign up threads must last for a minimum of 24 hours to give people from varying time zones a chance to sign up for your tournament. Two or three days is a normal length of time to keep your thread open for registration. Let the tournament fill to either 8, 16, 32, 48, or 62 people depending on the activity your thread receives. You should not give out byes in order to reach a good number, but if you feel it is necessary, contact a Tournament Director and explain why, and we may grant you permission.

The OP

Tournament hosts, the OP should include the following things in this order (although you are free to change it around if you wish.)

1.) Tournament History - Could include past rounds, tournament predecessors, etc.
2.) Introduction
3.) Rules - Include all of the standard rules along with the tournament specific rules.
4.) Registration/Match ups
5.) Deadline

Parings, Deadlines, and Activity

To create pairings, use this site. Based on the amount of sign ups your thread is receiving, decide on the amount of people you will allow in your tournament. If people request to be subs, be sure to add them in as necessary.

You must create strict deadlines to ensure that your tournament runs and smoothly and quickly as possible. At the end of each round, give out activity wins to those who deserve it and showed more activity than their opponent. A way to do this is to look for activity posts or read the VMs between the opponents. If both opponents are inactive, conduct a coin toss. If players request an extension, do your best to grant the time needed to complete the battle. But be sure to be practical and reasonable. If you feel enough time was given, you do not have to give an extension. But at the same time, try to be understanding of everyone's situation. If they need an extension cause they both were lazy, don't give it. If they need an extension because of timezone's and real life issues, then you should grant one.

Once your tournament has been completed or a round has been finished, ask a tournament director to lock your thread promptly.

If you have any questions when hosting a tournament, be sure to consult a tournament director.

Chat Box Tournament Section

How to Sign up for Chat Box Tournaments/How to Play

Chat Box Tournaments are different from forum tournaments in many ways. Chat box tournaments are conducted in the chat box, so communication is quick and tournaments are done faster. Sign ups for these tournaments can happen at any time, especially if the chat box has a high activity amount. Note that only people with chat box mod powers may host these tournaments. If someone announces the sign ups of a chat box tournament, the chat will be cleared and it will be open for sign ups. You should post 'in' if you are interested, and nothing else. The sign up period will last for 1-3 minutes, in this time, no one will be allowed to chat unless they are posting 'in'.

Here is an example of the whole process from sign ups all the way to the posting of round 1 matchups:

[17:39:45] @ Max21 : A Chatbox Tournament will be conducted. The tier will be BW OU
[17:39:57] @ Max21 : Sign ups will be open for 2 Minutes. During this time, please refrain from chatting. Post 'in' if you are interested.
[17:40:08] @ Max21 : You may sign up now
[17:40:13] Pokemon22 : in
[17:40:17] Arceus_Master : in
[17:40:17] Wilechase : in
[17:40:21] Jamz : in
[17:40:32] @ Max21 : Okay i need 4 more people to make it an 8-man
[17:40:37] PokeGirl : in
[17:40:39] @ Iron Man : in
[17:40:45] Technique03 : in
[17:40:58] Lax : in
[17:41:10] @ Max21 : Okay, thank you for those who signed up.
[17:41:25] @ Max21 : One moment and then the chatbox will be open for regular conversation.
[17:43:54] @ Max21 :
[17:44:11] @ Max21 : Those are the matchups, please get them done ASAP.
[17:44:25] @ Max21 : The chat box is now open for regular chatting. Thank you for your cooperation.

Once sign ups are done, you should expect yourself to stick around for at least 1 hour, it could be more or less depending on if you win or lose. The host will then post the link to the tournament bracket. Immediately contact your opponent and set up a battle within 5 minutes. Rounds will last no longer than 15 minutes. No extensions will be given. If you are in a middle of the battle and the round ends, the next round will be posted and the winner of your battle will continue to the next round. Other than that, standard activity rules are followed in chat box tournaments. The winner of each battle must post in chat box that they have won so the host can update the bracket.

How to Host Chat Box Tournaments

Most of the explaining was done in the previous section, so this will be brief. First you follow the sign up format I have just provided. You can make these tournaments either 4, 8, or 16 main. If you really can't get an even amount of people, you may hand out byes as much as needed. Make sure to attend to the chat box at all times so you wont miss anyone's update posts. Keep the bracket constantly updated and make sure you keep the tournament alive. It's the same thing as hosting a forum tournament, only it requires you to be more active in a shorter span of time. Keep track of round lengths and make sure you remind people how much time they have remaining in each round. It is up to you to keep the tournament running smoothly. Remember, activity wins and coin flips are your best friend.

Basic Tournament Rules

When playing, it is expected that all users have read the basic tournament rules and the rules specific to the tournament of which you signed up for. Smogon tiers and clauses will be the superior rule set used on this site. Here are the basic rules automatically included in every tournament, unless otherwise stated. Complete credit goes to Smogon for the rules and clauses posted underneath this sentence.

Standard Clauses

  • Sleep Clause: If a player has already put an opposing Pokémon to sleep using a sleep inducing move and that Pokémon is still sleeping due to that sleep inducing move, the player cannot put another opposing Pokémon to sleep using a sleep inducing move.

  • Species Clause: A player cannot have two of the same species of Pokémon on their team, based on the National Pokedex Number. For example, a player cannot have two Koffing on his or her team.

  • Evasion Clause: Players cannot use Double Team or Minimize in any of their Pokémon's movesets. In fifth generation In fifth generation (BW) Smogon tiers, the items BrightPowder and Lax Incense also may not be held by any Pokémon on a player's team. In other generations, these items do not break this clause.

  • OHKO Clause: Players cannot use Horn Drill, Guillotine, Sheer Cold, or Fissure in any of their Pokémon's movesets.

  • Timer Clause: If a player exhausts the timer, he/she loses.

Definitions of other clauses

  • (Standard in VGC tournaments) Item Clause: No two Pokémon on a player's team may hold the same item at the beginning of a battle.

  • (Standard only in RBY) Freeze Clause: If a Pokémon on a player's team is frozen and another Pokémon on that player's team would become frozen, it does not become frozen.

  • (Standard only in Smogon's fifth generation tiers) Moody Clause: A player may not use a Pokémon with the ability Moody.

  • (Standard in fourth generation VGC tournaments) Self-KO Clause: If a player uses a recoil move to cause a draw, that player wins. If a player uses Explosion, Selfdestruct, Destiny Bond, or Perish Song to cause a draw, that player loses. If a draw would be caused by a hold item or ability that causes recoil to the opponent, the player that controls the Pokémon with the hold item or ability wins.

Disconnections and Timer Clause: In live tournaments with short time constraints such as chat box tournaments, if a player disconnects or times out, the opponent may take the win. In other tournaments, if a player disconnects and contends that they could still win, the optimal solution is to recreate the exact situation the disconnection occurred at during the battle. If this is not feasible due to unreasonable battle length, highly improbable circumstances, or some other reason, the player who did not disconnect may choose to rematch with either the same teams or (the option to use) new teams. Timing out is still classified as a loss, unless the reason for timing out is a disconnection. If there is any suspicion that a disconnect was carried out deliberately to take advantage of this rule in any way, we reserve the right to exercise a harsh punishment.

Simulator Glitches: Any battle mechanics not properly implemented in the simulator used for a tournament battle are fair game, unless explicitly banned by that tournament's rules. Illegal movesets that are not restricted by the simulator fall into this category as well. However, this does not include faulty tier scripts; for example, if there was a bug in the BW OU tier script that allowed you to use Drizzle and Swift Swim on the same team, taking advantage of this would result in disqualification in that battle. If a game breaking glitch is discovered, we will make a blanket tournament ban on that glitch via an announcement in the Tournaments forum until it is fixed.

Ghosting: The player in a tournament battle should be the one making their own decisions. Do not tell a player what move to make in a tournament battle (i.e. do not "ghost" them), and do not make your moves based on another person's suggestions. If we are made aware that someone playing a tournament battle is making some of their moves based mainly on the suggestions of someone else, punishments may be handed out to both parties involved.

Identity: Pretending to be another player in relation to a tournament battle is strictly prohibited. Do not try to impersonate or play as another player.

Rule Breaking: If a player breaks a rule during a battle, they are disqualified from that particular battle. If it was a single battle in a series, they will still have the opportunity to play the rest of the series.

Draws: If a battle ends in a draw in an elimination tournament or another tournament format that is unable to handle draws, there should be a rematch between the players with the option for both players to change teams.

Forfeiting: A player may forfeit their battle during or after the battle, as long as the result has not been confirmed by the host. If a player forfeits before a battle commences in the first round of a tournament, they are eligible for substitution if appropriate. We highly recommend that you do not forfeit your tournament battles just because you got lucky, but we do not enforce this.

Host / Tournament Director Decisions: The host may make a judgment call on the outcome of a battle with a disputed result, even if one player has broken the rules. If you believe the host has made an unjust decision, you may inform the Tournament Director responsible for the tournament of the situation and request that they make a final call on it.

Sportsmanship: If a player displays exceedingly poor sportsmanship before, during, or after a tournament battle, they may be disqualified or otherwise punished.
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Tournament Rules and Guidelines [MUST READ]
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