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We currently have 2 tournaments running. Check out the Tournaments forum for more details!
The forum has recently went through many changes! Please read the most recent global announcement for more info!
We have officially won the site war against BattleFrontierClan in a complete shutout! Please take the time to congratulate the battlers.
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 Forum Changes and Updates!

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PostSubject: Forum Changes and Updates!   Forum Changes and Updates! Icon_minitimeTue Jun 12, 2012 10:32 am

Okay, so many things have happened with the forum these past days. This post will explain to you everything that has happened.

First off, we have purged the Pokemon League. We have done this because the league was a general mess and received little to no activity. To replace the league, we plan on organizing more tournaments and events. You can read the new tournament info here:

In addition to more tournament activity, we have also created a Mini-Clan System. We have decided to start with 4 clans to get things off. Each clan will have 5 members, 4 in the starting line-up and one sub. We have randomly created the clans, so here is the list:

Wonka Bars

Tag: WB

Leader: Juanca

Members: TheClutchDutch, Ruby dragon, Ruby Frag, Max21

Mach Flight

Tag: MF

Leader: McSuper

Members: Albert Wesker, UnseenAcorns, bruce, Banaenae

Rising Storm

Tag: RS

Leader: Pk14100

Members: izzi#IDGAF, erick17, xlr8, cloud


Tag: TDK

Leader: StratoArctica9000

Members: dxprotolink, santa2, tpp, snk

Every clan member has a tag depending on which clan they are in. Expect more on the clans in future posts that will occur in the Clan Central Forum!

The main changes have been listed, now I will mention the more minor changes that have occurred.

The Gaming Section has been deleted, it did not receive enough activity. We have decided that threads that go into that area will fit into the general discussion forum which we plan to add later on.

We have also added a Competitive Discussion forum section. The Custom Movesets forum has been made into a sub-forum in the Competitive Discussion section. So don't panic, it's still there!

One minor detail is that we have added a trash forum. So if you ever want to read up on the old threads, that is the place to go.

That is it for now! Stay tuned for more updates, because we aren't done with forum changes any time soon!
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Forum Changes and Updates!
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